Quality: a top priority

Satisfaction of the client is a key priority for Eramet Marietta. Regular lab checks are essential for ensuring product quality. The Marietta laboratory, a key part of the quality control process, is stocked with latest-generation equipment.
Each product at a given stage of production – from metal extraction to shipping – is analysed by the lab to ensure that its quality is in line with the required specifications.

ISO certification

Eramet Marietta is ISO 9 001, 14 001 and 50 001 certified. Those certificates shows that each employee has incorporated the recommendations of those international standard. Best practice in this field is integrated into Eramet Marietta’s environmental management system.

The company has also an energy management policy that complies with the highest international standards.

Eramet Marietta is ISO 9001 certified.


Producing manganese alloys with correct chemistry and sizing to satisfy our customers.


A quality minded workforce following proven methods and procedures that give each worker quality responsibilities. It is about “Doing it right the first time, and every time.”


Challenging ourselves to improve our quality management system, to guarantee the excellence of our alloys and eliminate customer dissatisfactions through the review of objectives and results.