At Eramet Marietta, we continuously analyse methods by which we can be environmental stewards. There are the obvious steps we’ve taken that include capital projects aimed at improving our production and environmental performance, but also the not-so-obvious day-to-day things that we’ve always done or initiated because they just make sense. 

Key concrete actions are: 

  • Rebuild of the furnaces, with the deepening of the crucible, to improve the energy efficiency and reduce emission,
  • Install a state of the art / Best Available Technology fume collection bag house to collect the emissions of furnace 1, the largest furnace of the facility,
  • As the next-door coal power plant was being decommissioned, Eramet implemented an energy efficient HVAC for its various locations based on a less emitting natural gas,
  • Eramet was leader in the development of Good River Distribution, a new energy efficient water pumping and distribution facility, optimizing its energy usage through variable frequency drives motors. It serves the whole industrial complex (Eramet, Solvay, AmSty, Energizer),
  • Recently, complete upgrade of the scrubber system and additional fume collection were designed, installed and operated on all our furnaces and refining units to further reduce our emissions and largely reach the stringent new limitation in line with the NESHAP environmental latest targets.

US$40 million

in a little more than a decade invested in projects benefiting the energy efficiency and the air quality!