Facility Safety

Work Safely First – this is the creed we follow at Eramet Marietta.  Of all the messages we share with our employees and contractors, this is by far the most important. We believe that employees are entitled to work in the safest conditions possible and we strive to ensure that is always the case within our facility.  Safety is our core value and our priority in everything that we do.

  • To ensure this we created a Joint Safety Audit Team, comprised of salary and hourly employees, and charged them with the task of reviewing every area of our facility for potential safety hazards and then, working with our Safety Team to implement changes to eliminate any risks.
  • We consider each person working at Eramet, being an employee of a contractor, a key contributor deserving the safest working environment.
  •  It takes a diverse group of people with a wide array of talents to create our alloys and put them into the hands of our customers.  None of that would be possible without a commitment to safety.

Employee Engagement

A safety minded workforce that puts the safety of self and of co-workers first as a part of each task performed each day.


A safety minded workforce following Eramet Corporate Safety Essentials, and using proven methods and procedures that give each worker safety responsibilities to reduce risk and eliminate injury.


Challenging ourselves to continuously improve our safety training programs to guarantee excellent safety performance and eliminate injuries for any worker in our plant.