We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: what makes our company special is our people . Many of our retirees spent long years with us, helping to make our plant what it is today. In the “old days” the facility did not have some of the modern conveniences it has now, like air conditioning, but these employees still remember enjoying their work and the people with whom they worked.

Each of our retirees remembers when they started with us, some beginning with Eramet Marietta (formerly known as Union Carbide) as early as 1952. Many of them worked their way through several departments, or started by washing windows. One retiree recalls that his first paycheck many years ago was $52! “That was a lot of money back then,” he says.

“It was a tough job back in those days,” says retiree Bill Calebaugh. “There was a lot of work.” Many of our retirees agree that it was hard work, but that they were “used to it,” especially those who had already spent many years on their family farms.

“It was a good place to work. It was a good place to spend your life.”

Each retiree agrees that the best part of working for Eramet Marietta was the people. “We all have good memories. Good memories of working together, trying to make the plant…profitable.”